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Ferrari 458 Spider

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel: The Good and The Bad

While a lot of games can be played with keyboards and mice, you really need a racing wheel to get the most out of driving games.

If you are just getting your first racing wheel, the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel can be your ticket into the racing wheels club. It is priced competitively, and though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the other models, it does deliver the goods for the price.

This is an excellent alternative to some of the more expensive wheels out there if you want to test if your game improves with a racing wheel on your favorite racing game.

Also, this also one of the cheapest wheels you can get that is also compatible with the Xbox One. All said, let’s put it through the test and find out if the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel is worth the money.

Review – Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

There are several things to look at when reviewing a racing wheel. We have tried to cover everything that a customer looks at when they want to make an informed purchase decision. There might be one thing or several that might differ from the wheel you purchased and from our review. This is because of model updates and iterations that may not always be made public. 

Another factor is that all racing games are not created equal – some of them support racing wheels and feel more natural and work right out of the box. Other racing games need some tweaking before you get them feeling “right”. This isn’t a problem with the wheel, and it’s just the way some games have been set up.

The Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel is a great first wheel if you aren’t really sure about racing wheels and if you have an Xbox One. It is no surprise that it is classified as a budget Xbox one steering wheel when compared to heavy hitters at over $300. Read further to find more about the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel.

Design – How does it look?

For a wheel that doesn’t cost a lot, it actually looks pretty good! This is a Ferrari licensed 7/10 replica wheel from the 458, and it pretty much looks like the real steering wheel. Rather than going all drab and dreary with blacks, they’ve done their bit to liven it up with a good amount of red, or Rosso if you speak Ferrari! This dash of red also helps it distinguish itself from the other “mundane” peripherals on your desk.

The rubber material is textured ensuring that you have adequate grip even through tight turns and sweaty palms. They also have 2 pedals, which are made of plastic. The pedals are textured to not slip under your feet, but you have to find a stronger point to anchor them as they can slide all over the place. The buttons are placed at optimal distances from your fingers, and they feel natural to use. It even comes with the engine start button and the control knob found on the real wheel.

The paddle shifters are made of metal but don’t feel as good as the paddles on the more expensive models. It does feel a bit odd with the plastic shift, but it helps to keep the costs down. It has several buttons on its face including an Xbox button (Guide button), 2 position dial, a d-pad, and 9 action buttons – you’ll never have to touch the controller again for selecting options when you have this on.

Comfort and Performance – Does it feel good?

Because the steering unit lacks the heavy force feedback motor, you’ll find that it is a lot lighter. In fact, if you need to, you can even place this on your lap if you can’t find a way to anchor the unit on your table. This is not a long-term solution however because when the racing gets intense, you’ll find that it moves around too much for accurate inputs. This wheel has 240 degrees of rotation and rather than a heavy motor, uses a bungee cord mechanism to simulate resistance. 

The pedals are made of plastic but offer decent levels of grip, so your feet don’t slip off them. The brake pedal has a progressive resistance curve which means that it mimics the feel of a real car’s brake pedal. They have good travel, and you can use it to better modulate your braking distance.

The wheel feels comfortable, and because it is textured, you’re able to grip it well. The wheel is a decent size, and you can get a good driving experience with this unit. It is anchored using a plastic screw on arm which is also found in their other models. It works well and keeps the unit anchored even when the action heats up on the track. The button layout is well-thought out, and the quality of the buttons is good as well at this price point.

The shifter paddles are made of metal, feel good and work well. Just remember that they don’t move with the wheel, but despite this limitation, you can access the paddles when you turn the wheel. And because there is no motor to be powered, no additional power cables are needed – all you need to do is hook it up to your computer via USB, and you’re good to go.

Pros and Cons – Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel


  • One of the cheapest racing wheels for Xbox One
  • 11” inch wheel
  • Licensed by Ferrari
  • Looks good for the price you pay
  • Wheelbase is light
  • Small footprint
  • Adjustable wheel sensitivity
  • Variable pedal heights


  • Feels built to a price
  • No true force feedback
  • Lack of clutch pedal

Verdict – To buy or not to buy?

When it comes to getting your feet wet with racing wheels, the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel is something that definitely works in your favor. It gives you a budget ticket without compromising on everything you can experience. The thing to note is that it is built for the price conscious, so to crib about lack of dual-motor force feedback is just unfair. This wheel is squarely aimed at a particular demographic of gamers, and we have to say that they are well serviced by this product. 

It has several things going for it, the 11” inch 7/10 Ferrari replica wheel, a comfortable button layout, a good clamping system to ensure your fun isn’t spoilt by the wheel unit moving all over the place. It is also compatible with several wheel stands out there – this can increase your immersion with the racing action rather than just mounting it onto a desk. And moreover, this can help with mounting the pedal set in a proper place as well.

If you are looking to break into the land of racing wheels with a tight budget, then the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Racing Wheel is a great place to start!

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