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PS4 Steering Wheels

Racing On Your Playstation – Top PS4 Steering Wheels

Racing On Your Playstation – Top PS4 Steering Wheels

There is a huge market for driving games out there. I’m not a hardcore racer, but I do like to take my virtual car out for a spin across the Nürburgring sometimes. But the thing is controlling a car with something like a joypad or a controller can be hard to do. It even detracts from the driving experience. You don’t drive your car to work with a controller, do you?

If you like realistic car racing games, then there’s absolutely no way you’re going to extract maximum performance out of your car using the dualshock 4 controller your PS4 comes with. You absolutely need a racing wheel for your PS4 that can help you nail those apexes especially in those endurance races. 

So, if you’re looking for the best steering wheel for PS4 then you’re at the right place. Here are the PS4 steering wheels we thought would be great for your console, and can offer maximum performance for your buck.

While finding a steering wheel for gaming can be hard, we’ve managed to round up a detailed list of all the best racing wheels for xbox one available on the market!

PS4 Steering Wheels

When you are looking for a racing wheel for your PS4, you have to remember that not all of them might work with your console. We have highlighted all the wheels out there right now that can work with your PS4. Another benefit is that all of these work with your PC as well, so if you are going to switch it up for a weekend on your gaming computer, you can do that as well. 

Thrustmaster T-GT 

The absolute premium racing wheel out there that can work on your PS4 as well as your pc. It uses top of the line materials for construction and it feels like it is built to last. While priced quite a bit out of reach, some people argue that it is worth every penny. 

It has several features that are exclusive to Gran Turismo, the flagship car racing game on the PS4. It has a steering wheel column vibration that can be activated for Gran Turismo Spot which can help immerse you even further into the game. Its force feedback is excellent courtesy of heavy duty motors that are used in the wheel. It has 3 pedals, as is usual with a wheel at this price, and it feels solid with good feel. You can change different wheels based on your preference and the games you tend to play. 

Thrustmaster VG T300RS Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Another top-class PS4 steering wheel from Thrustmaster, but the T300RS is priced much more optimally and it is definitely worth the money you spend on. This is another solidly built wheel from Thrustmaster which you can hone your driving skills on. It also comes with a detachable wheel and the mount is compatible with most wheel accessories around. 

You can change the rotation angle from 270 degrees to 1080 degrees. It has a metal pedal set, but it only comes with 2 pedals which is a disappointment at this price. It has incredible force feedback because of its belt driven nature as well as using heavy-duty brushless motors. When it comes to accuracy, it has HEART (Hall Effect AccuRate Technology) which means that it won’t degrade over time. 

Logitech G29 Driving Race Wheel

Another top of the line racing wheel from Logitech, the G29 can give you the ultimate driving experience on your PS4 or your pc. While it is also of premium build quality, it just feels a little bland and aesthetically less appealing than the T-GT. But on the plus side, it also costs a whole lot less. It has a metal core with the steering wheel which comes wrapped in leather. It comes with metal pedals and it isn’t plastic like other wheels in the price range. One thing we didn’t like was that it uses gears to transfer forces, unlike the belt-driven mechanism of most other more expensive models.

A lot of people have complained that a Logitech wheel is noisy in operation and this is something that you need to keep in mind. If you are used to headphones, this won’t pose too much of a problem. However, all this pales in comparison when you consider that these wheels are a good deal less expensive than similar quality wheels from their competitors. And they aren’t really a bad PS4 steering wheel, but if you are looking for a step up from the older G27 and G25 PS4 steering wheels by Logitech then you’d do well to consider different wheels before fixing to buy this one. 

Thrustmaster T80 RS Edition Racing Wheel

Priced affordable but with a boot full of features, the Thrustmaster T80 RS can give several other wheels above its price a run for their money. Made for the PlayStation it has all the regular PS buttons on its face including a d-pad as well. 

This is a pretty basic wheel and does not come with force feedback technology and instead uses a bungee cord to simulate opposing forces. It does a satisfactory job of offering the user precise steering input on a racing game, but it is aimed at people who are new to the racing genre and getting their first PS4 steering wheel.

Thrustmaster Ferrari Legend Edition Racing Wheel

This is a truly basic wheel intended for people who want to test out what a racing wheel can do for their PS4 racing game performance. It has acceptable build quality and has no force feedback. The wheel feels too small and the material feels too rubbery. The buttons are only acceptable, and we think it might have issues with rough usage after extended periods of time. Regardless, if you’re budget conscious and want a wheel maybe for a younger person, this will definitely work for you. 


We hope this list has given you your potential PS4 steering wheel choice. As you can see, there are a wide range of wheels to choose from depending on your budget and level of use. These are PS4 steering wheels which are available right now. You can check them out at online e-tailer, sometimes you might even get discounts on them. Before buying them, make sure you have the room to accommodate it and have the right table to set it up. 

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