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Best Netgear Wireless Routers

The Best Netgear Wireless Routers

Ever since the demand for internet and digital solutions has risen, so has the demand for good quality routers. A router is what determines the performance and speed of your internet connection, and also the range of connectivity. Face it, we all need the internet, either for business purposes, personal needs, whether it's in an office set up or at home; whatever you require to get done, eventually needs the internet to move forward. 

Technology has progressed in such a way that there is no stopping its growth and potential. And when it comes to routers, the options are endless, but the right choice can deliver exactly what you need. 

Netgear was the first brand to introduce high-speed wireless routers into the market. They made models available both for home and for business use. Today, Netgear has a huge variety of routers to choose from, with all the latest and up-to-date features. 

If you’re looking for the best wireless routers in the market, then you need to take a look at our best wireless routers review to find what you need!

What must one look for in a good router? 

  • A simple and easy to understand configuration procedure, so that even someone who's not too tech-savvy can easily assemble both the hardware and software. 
  • Good QoS, Quality of Service, which will allow prioritization of data by the router and will help with reducing the load on data packets while downloading and uploading. 
  • 2.0 or 3.0 (preferably the latter) USB ports. 
  • The number of antennas also matters, depending on how many people are using the connection. More antennas ensure better service range and ease of connectivity. 
  • The speed and frequency of transmission are quite essential because high-speed internet connections are almost mandatory in today's day and age. 

Let's look at Netgear's best routers: 

1. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 

This router is totally worth every penny spent on it. It has VPN support, VLAN support, Dual band connectivity, and 4 LAN ports. It also supports solid range and fast connection through 3 antennas. The QoS is also pretty decent, and quite suitable for streaming and downloading services. The router can also be re-configured to suit a gamer's or an office's needs. 

If the set up is small and isn't being used by too many devices, then this router is the perfect buy. It doesn't come with too many extra or fancy features, but certainly gets the job done with decent performance. If you have an Amazon Echo device, then this router is surely compatible with it and you can make use of Alexa and other features.

2. Netgear Nighthawk X10 

Now, if your internet usage is massive and you do indulge in some heavy-duty gaming and large volumes of high-quality downloads, then you might require a router that can truly handle the load. The X 10 has a powerful 1.7 GHz dual-core processor, with super speed hardware that gives tough competition to other similar models in the market. It can facilitate up to 60 GHz frequency and 7.3 Gbps speed, making it not only one of the fastest routers in the current market but also one that can power multiple devices with undeterred speed, and with ease too. 

The tri-band functionality is a sure shot bonus and prevents crowding of frequency. It has six inbuilt LAN ports, and four antennas for wide range connection. There are also extra DFS channels which prevent cross interference from close-by networks. This router is definitely a pricey one, so if you're really looking for a power-packed router, this is a good choice.

3. Netgear AC1200

If your budget is a very restricted one and you don't really need a high-end router for your type of usage, then the AC1200 could be the right pick for you. It has a guest access feature which allows people who might be visiting you to access a wireless network while keeping your personal connection still private. It uses 5 GHz speeds and supports dual-band connectivity. It has two 2.0 USB ports for data transfers and is available at an extremely nominal price. The dual antennas as sufficient to support a decent enough connection, making it a good choice for a small set up.

4. Netgear AC 1750 

This router is an upgrade on the AC 1200 and sports a few extra features in comparison. This dual-band router can support up to 1300 Mbps in speed, which is pretty decent to access multiple quick connections without interference. With 3 functional antennas, the range is definitely an upgrade as well. It has a more advanced and dynamic QoS which can be more personalized and supports a variety of options. With two 3.0 ports, it definitely cranks it up a notch in terms of hardware quality and features. 

It is fully compatible with the Netgear Genie app, which allows remote access to the router. On the whole, for only a few bucks more than the AC 1200, this model is surely worth the upgrade if you're looking for a few extra features. 

5. Netgear Nighthawk X 8 

Now, if your requirement is somewhere between the AC 1750 and the Nighthawk X 10, both in terms of features and pricing, then the X 8 is the perfect middle ground option. It has good load balancing, QoS, four external and internal antennas, making that a total of eight for brilliant range and connectivity. It supports wireless speeds of up to 5 Mbps and is compatible with Genie control too. 

The drawback here would be that of offers a frequency of only 1.4 GHz, which is lesser than the X 10, but there is a dual-core processor to make the difference almost negligible. The hardware and software are perfect for both light and heavy usage, depending on the size of your set up. For a price that most would consider pricey, but not so pricey, the X 8 caters to a middle range market. 

With new innovations and devices being released at such a rapid rate, it's important that you always assess what your network requirements are and purchase a router that matches all your criteria and also fits your budget.

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