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Hoverboard facts

Hoverboard facts and Debunking some myths


Recent advancements in technology over the past few decades have really changed the way the world works. From revolutionary software and programs to gadgets that one wouldn't have thought possible only a few years ago, our world has genuinely evolved at a rapid rate, thanks to tech experts and their drawing boards. An interesting study shows that about 85% of the millennials own at least one gadget. This comes to show that the market for technologically driven products is only going to expand further in the years to come.

For now, let's focus on one such gadget that is one of the current favorites, especially amongst kids and young adults.

The hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter or skateboard that one can use to travel shorter distances, at a pretty decent speed, and can have fun while doing so too. Probably an alternative to a regular bicycle or scooter, the hoverboard can be maneuvered by the person riding it, just by either leaning forward or backward. These brilliant little boards run on batteries and need to be charged, just like a laptop or a Bluetooth speaker. Today, there are tons of brands that make these boards, and they have lots of additional features to offer too.

Being a relatively new product on the market, there are some obvious misconceptions about hoverboards. However, before we get to that'll let's look at some basic and also interesting facts about hoverboards:

  1. Hoverboards were first invented and also manufactured in China, by an inventor named Shane Chen.
  2. "Hoverboards" is a term that refers to a board that doesn't actuation the ground, but hovers over it. For this reason, some people prefer to call them self-balancing boards or scooters.
  3. Although there are multiple websites where people can buy hoverboards and even offline stores, the good brands usually need to be pre-booked because they get sold very quickly!
  4. All Hoverboards and similar gadgets need a certificate called the "UL 2722" certification, which basically gives the green signal to a hoverboard for being safe and meeting all mandatory standards.
  5. Most users agree that getting on and off a hoverboard is actually much harder than riding it. This is because there's no handle that one can hold onto. Hence, it's always safer to use some surface as support while getting on and off.

After reading those facts, you might feel a little more inclined to know more about hoverboards. For any gadget or new product/service in the market, there always some myths that are waiting to be debunked. Let's address these:

1. Hoverboards are very Expensive

Although it might only seem logical that a gadget that is so new and high on technology would be priced on the higher side, hoverboards are actually not that expensive. Considering that they have a good amount of utility and they do last a good few years if maintained well, they come in a price range that's very much affordable for a product like this. Some hoverboards are extremely affordable, but one does have to be wary of duplicates and fakes which can malfunction or even cause accidents within a few months of usage. Good brands which come with a warranty would be a little more expensive than the extremely cheap ones, but you're ultimately paying not just for the product but also for the quality of the product.

2. Hoverboards take a long time to charge

On a full charge, most hoverboards can run for up to 4 hours on continuous usage. The maximum speed being 8-12 mph, depending on the model that you're using. That being said, charging a hoverboard to reach full charge doesn't take a day or even a few hours; it takes a mere hour or maximum 2 hours to do so. This makes it very convenient for anyone to quickly charge their board and head out because it wouldn't take too long.

3. Hoverboards take long to get used to

While it would seem plausible that hoverboards could be complications ride or even get used to, it isn't the case. Those who are already used to riding an electric scooter or riding on a skateboard wouldn't take longer than a few minutes to be able to use a hoverboard. Studies have shown that even complete beginners were able to get used to riding a hoverboard in less than an hour. The self-balancing quality of the hoverboard is what makes it a very stable gadget. For this reason alone one can rest assured that they don't have to be a hoverboard expert to be able to ride one with ease. Many boards today also come with a training mode. With this turned on, kids especially are in safe hands while practicing how to ride one.

4. Hoverboards are unsafe at top speeds

When you lean forward, the hoverboard not only moves forward but also increases in speed. This acceleration is steady and meticulous and doesn't happen all of a sudden or catch you by surprise. Even then, one might wonder how safe it is for a beginner to use a board with no handles or support, especially at top speeds. Well, you have nothing to worry about, because many boards come with a safety feature that keeps the speed stable and doesn't allow the board to go too forward if the degree of inclination is too much. Additionally, the rubber footpads of the hoverboard are skid-free and give a good grip to the user.

5. Hoverboards are heavy

Skateboards are extremely easy just to carry around wherever you go, but can hoverboards be carried around too? Absolutely! Hoverboards might look and feel much bigger than skateboards but, in reality, they don't weight more than 20-25 lbs. This weight is very much manageable and doesn't act as a hindrance to carrying them with you. The boards themselves can accommodate a person of up to 250 lbs in weight, and this can be a little more or less depending on the specs of the board itself.

6. Hoverboards are for kids

While it is true that the original target for hoverboards were kids and adolescents, there are a lot of hoverboards available today that is very much made for adults too. For hoverboards, age isn't a factor at all. The only factors that matter the most are balance and also body weight. Despite your age, you need to weigh within the weight limit to be able to ride one. So, whether you're a kid or an adult, hoverboards are definitely not off limits!


There's no denying that hoverboards are great and absolutely fun to use! You can ride around town, go to the grocery store, or even just ride around the home and add a fun twist to your daily chores. These versatile boards are very safe to use, easy to get the hang of and do not need any form of expertise either. However, it's always important to take a few precautions and safety measures at least in the beginning, before you feel more comfortable using a hoverboard. Finally, with a few of these myths busted, hoverboards can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who wants to try them out!

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