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Best Crossbow Accessories

The Best Crossbow Accessories and why You Need Them

Crossbow hunting has become a very popular sport over time, and it has also opened up a lot of opportunities for those who are passionate about hunting. This hunting season, if you're a beginner who is gearing up to start hunting, there are a few basic things you must know. 

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Most good quality crossbow hunting kits come with all the gear required, except for the broadheads, which you need to test out and pick according to your needs. Apart from that, there are also other accessories for a crossbow that can greatly make the sport a safer one, and also increase your odds of having a successful hunting trip. 

Let's take a look at these and understand what they help with: 

For better performance:  

Lighted nocks  - it's a known fact that crossbow arrows travel at a great speed when they are shot. It's almost impossible to track a moving arrow with the naked eye, and it also penetrates the target with a lot of force, so retrieving the arrow can be quite a task. Lighted nocks are a more recent invention, but even the conservatives are seeing its advantages and have started using them. 

These nocks help with identifying your arrow once it has been shot, so it also helps with marking the trajectory. Also, these nocks are extremely lightweight and do not affect the speed or direction of the arrow in any way. The TenPoint Omni-Bright 2.0 nocking system is one of the most effective and easy to use ones available in the market. One has to careful not to use a half-moon or flat nock with the TenPoint because it might cut the bowstring due to improper nocking or even risk a misfire due to the string obstructing the shaft. This system come with an on/off option, and is pretty handy during practice sessions. 

Reducing Noise - Then TenPoint crossbow range has been designed to be very quiet and swift, but even further reduction of vibration and noise can make a significant difference to your hunting experience. There are special notice cancellation kits available that can assist with increasing the stealth and performance of your crossbow. Another great tip for reducing notice would be to use heavier broadheads or target points. 

Improving Accuracy:

Scopes for precision- a precision scope can make a lot of difference to the accuracy of your shots, and actually make the hunting process a much more feasible and convenient one. Unless you're a thorough professional with an exceptional free-hand shot, using a scope is essential. The RangeMaster Pro Scope is a great choice, which has a feature to automatically adjust itself to the speed of your bow. It also has five dots for range between 20 to 60 yards and three duplex crosshairs as well. You can use this scope either with the red or green illumination engaged or without, which can be quite handy when there isn't much ambient light available. As long as you remember to adjust the rheostat accordingly, you're good to go! 

Support for shooting - Shooting sticks are finally becoming popular, unlike earlier times when shooting from rest wasn't exactly a preference amongst hunters. The SteddyEddy is a versatile piece of equipment in this category, and is probably the best one in the current market too. It can easily be used in the tree stand, does not obstruct the handling of the bow and also folds up very easily, making it convenient to use. For a hunting game that involves precision shots with minimal movement, the SteddyEddy would be a very helpful assistant. 

Using a Rangefinder - Judging distance and range with the naked eye can be a very tough ordeal even for an experienced shooter, so for a beginner, it can prove to be a waste of time. This is where a rangefinder comes in handy; to give accurate readings and judgement. The Vortex Ranger 100 is a trusted model that has been vouched for by many hunters. It's compact and easy to carry around, has a range capacity of up to 1,000 yards and also provides good support for angled shots. Shooting in open country and at far off distances and angles will definitely require the assistance of a rangefinder, and the Vortex Ranger is a must have for such hunting conditions. 

Protecting your equipment:

Case for your crossbow- Your crossbow's strings, cams and wound cables require protection, especially if you're hunting on the go and traveling a lot with it. There are a bunch of good quality cases available, and it's definitely mandatory to have one if you want to protect the hardware of your crossbow from damages. 

The CUB- it stands for Crossbow Unloading Bolt and is a great way to finish off a hunt. Target of hunting arrows can be quite expensive, so you could alternatively use a CUB which is a biodegradable, two-piece arrow that costs much lesser and is just as effective. Shooting your bow towards the end of each day can help you check the precision and functionality of your bow, so using a CUB will reduce any unnecessary costs too.

Some more accessories:

Sling- it can help with carrying your bow around more conveniently, and the TenPoint sling also comes with a pocket to hold a CUB. Especially while going through dense forests, your bow might get caught in branches of the string might get cut, so a sling can make it more secure.

Targets- these are important for any practice session, and really do help with getting your angling and momentum right on point. The Morrell's Double Duty target kit comes with targets that can stop arrows of up to 400 fps, so it's very durable and versatile

Arrow puller - this will help with ensuring that you have a safe and proper grip while removing your crossbow arrows. The Bednar Perfect Puller is a great choice, and can really assist with shooting conventional broadhead targets with heavy broadheads. 

With all these accessories added onto your kit, there's absolutely no way your hunting sessions won't be memorable and interesting! 

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