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Crossbow Reviews - Ultimate buying guide

Best Crossbow Reviews 2018 (Top Buyer’s Guide)

Crossbow reviews can make it easier in choosing crossbows of the highest quality. Best Crossbow Reviews is the perfect buyer's guide. Our best crossbow reviews is designed to help you with all the information you need on the top models available in the market. Checking out our fair and honest crossbow reviews is very important from a buyer’s perspective because it will help you make the right purchasing decision.

Do you love hunting? Want to make hunting a more enjoyable experience? If so, then you should probably start using a crossbow.

Crossbows are powerful and accurate weapons that are widely being used by many hunters worldwide. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced crossbow hunter, there is always something that suits your skill set and budget.

Want to learn more about crossbows? This detailed crossbow reviews guide is designed to educate you with everything that you need to know about the best crossbow 2018.

Thanks to the rapid advancement in technology, crossbows have been greatly modified over the years to meet the demands of users and give them a great hunting experience. Crossbows in 2018 come in a range of shapes and sizes and they have different pulling mechanisms, velocity, and shooting range requirements – these metrics serve as the most important factors users need to keep in mind when choosing a crossbow for hunting.

It’s not far from truth to say that some of these improved crossbows come with a high price tag when compared to the ordinary ones. But that’s what sets the best from the average too. The expensive crossbows come with enhanced features that will kill your prey easily. Investing in a cheap or an expensive crossbow is purely your choice but if you wish to have the best hunting experience with a crossbow, then you should probably invest in the best crossbow 2018.

Before buying a crossbow, however, it’s important that you know what to look for in it. Every crossbow has a different range of features and parts which you can find in the special crossbow review given below. Here is a comparison table that will help you choose the right crossbow for your needs wisely.

Best Crossbow Brands: Comparison Chart






Bow Weight - 6.2 Pounds

Velocity- 405 FPS

Draw Weight - 290 pounds


Bow Weight - 6.5 Pounds

Velocity- 372 FPS

Draw Weight 200 pounds


Bow Weight - 7.9 pounds

Velocity- 410 FPS

Draw Weight185 pounds


Bow Weight - 7.5 pounds

Velocity- 330 FPS

Draw Weight160 pounds


Bow Weight - 7.1 pounds

Velocity- 365 FPS

Draw Weight 185 pounds


Bow Weight - 6 pounds

Velocity- 304 FPS

Draw Weight200 pounds


Bow Weight - 4.8 pounds

Velocity- 235 FPS

Draw Weight175 pounds


Bow Weight - 7.7 pounds

Velocity - 315 FPS

Draw Weight150 pounds


Bow Weight - 8.6 pounds

Velocity- 350 FPS

Draw Weight175 pounds


Bow Weight - 8.5 pounds

Velocity- 320 FPS

Draw Weight150 pounds

If you are in a rush, then check out the two most popular crossbow models below:

Barnett Jackal Package

More targeted towards starters.

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT

Best crossbow for seasoned hunters.

Top 10 Crossbow Reviews 2018

The one for beginners is quite affordable when compared to the one designed for professionals, but as mentioned earlier, the features also vary as much as the price tags.

1. Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 Review – The ultimate crossbow for budget-conscious buyers

This one belongs to the expensive range of crossbows but many believe it’s worth the price.

It’s a recurve crossbow that you can easily get in the stores. The manufacturers say that professionals can hunt at a maximum speed of 405 FPS, so a sharp shot is pretty much guaranteed for Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 owners.

The crossbow is lightweight, holding or carrying it shouldn’t be a problem for users. It comes with the Twilight DLX Scope, which is one of the priciest of its kind but yeah not without the high level of accuracy that makes it possible to hunt down a giant prey in a single shot.

Although it weighs less, it includes a number of features that make it difficult to use, especially for beginners. However, once you learn the safety precautions and right methods to use the crossbow, you will be able to hit your prey with an amazing speed of up to 405 fps like the pros. By the way, it is also one of the quickest crossbows available in the market.

What’s more, it allows the user to zoom in and get a closer view of the target when hunting from a distance, and this makes hunting more accurate and enjoyable. What’s more, there are also several built-in R.E.Ds suppressors that reduce the noise when the arrow is ejected from the bow. So, your prey will not even know that a shot is on the way.

On the flip side, it’s worth noting that this crossbow has a draw weight of around 290 lbs (draw weight is the pulling weight and not something to be confused with the crossbow’s weight), and is not ideal for every hunter. Usually, hunters prefer a shorter pull length where each shot consumes less time and energy from pull to release. Longer pulls, however, help the arrow travel at great speeds and that’s what you expect with this crossbow. But if you are worried about missing your target due to the longer pulling time, then it makes sense to look for an alternate crossbow.

Another drawback of Excalibur Matrix Mega 405 is that it lacks a bow stringer, which might not entice many professional hunters.

On the whole, this crossbow is a good choice for big game hunting and target shooting. The DVD manual should help you with a step-by-step procedure on how to assemble the crossbow. You should be able to set it up and hit your first shot in less than 30 minutes.

How to adjust is another thing you’ll have to learn from the manual, that is, if you are a beginner. But, you’ll love it because it’s light-weight, less noisy, more powerful and more accurate than most other crossbows available in the market.


  • The fastest of its type
  • Powerful, accurate, less noisy
  • Excellent Scope
  • Great features


  • Longer pulling time (longer draw weight)

2. TenPoint Venom Crossbow Review – Lightweight Crossbow

If you are looking for a better scope to improve your accuracy, then TenPoint Venom Crossbow is a great option. Ideal for both starters and professionals, it comes with a built-in rope that makes cocking much easier for hunters. Even assembling the parts is incredibly easy. The majority of TenPoint Venom crossbows guarantee an exceptional performance. So, whether you are hunting a deer, bear, or moose, this crossbow will make hunting a more memorable experience.

Thanks to the focused scope of the crossbow, there is no big adjustment to be made after fixing it. And the power of the arrow is solely based on the weight of the arrow that you are going to use.

Its sleek design and easy-to-hold structure enables users to move through smaller areas effortlessly. What’s more, it weighs less so users can have a better hunting experience.

An arrow shot with the TenPoint Venom is said to have a higher piercing power when compared to other arrows, so it can be of great help if you are shooting through thick objects. 20-inch arrows are the best choice for this crossbow, and the most popular 20-inch arrows are the ones manufactured by Pro Elite Arrows. Arrows of this size are sharp, fast, and linear and long-lasting. They are easy to carry as well.

TenPoint provides a lifelong guarantee on its crossbows, but when it comes to exchange, there is only a 30-day window to get return a defective piece, which is more than enough time to make sure that you got the right crossbow on hand.

The crossbow comes with a zooming range of 1.5x to 5x. It’s ideal for hunting in bright conditions as well as in areas of low lighting. The scope is accurate and consistent throughout, and every shot is quick to hunt the prey down in seconds.

You can compare the Tenpoint Venom Crossbow with any of its competitors in the market, and you’ll find that the scope this one offers is superior to the majority of crossbows available in the market.

However, on the flip side, if you take the scope out of the equation, there is very little in terms of features that this crossbow gives you when compared to other crossbows in the market.

There are noise suppressors but some users say that its features (on the whole) do not really justify its higher price tag.


  • Velocity of up to 372 fps
  • The ACU50 draw makes hunting smoother
  • Very accurate, Excellent scope
  • Easy to assemble, Vibration-free and quite
  • Improved cocking mechanism
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Less features but high-priced
  • The safety generates audible clicks which is not good in specific situations

3. Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Review – Top rated crossbow for speed

The Ghost 410 CRT is probably the most popular and highly rated crossbow from Barnett. Would you believe that this crossbow will allow you to shoot down prey at an astonishing speed of up to 410 fps? Well, that’s what it is and without a doubt it is also the fastest crossbow in our list.

We know the next question in your mind would be, “Is this the most expensive crossbow in the market?”. Well, it is expensive but certainly not over-priced. In fact, it is cheaper than the other two crossbows we just reviewed, and most importantly, it gives you a great value for your money.

Best features of Barnett Ghost 410 CRT 2018

  • check
    Supports 22-inch arrows and offers velocity of up to 410 FPS, which makes every shot of yours incredibly fast and sharp.
  • check
    Comes with a 3×32 four-reticle red/green dot sight scope which can be turned off or on using a single button
  • check
    The crossbow weighs 7.3 pounds and has a draw weight of 185 pounds
  • check
    15.4-inch power stroke
  • check
    Padded crossbow sling
  • check
    Comprises three 22″ Easton bolts with field points
  • check
    Quick-detach quiver

Going by the specs, it’s easy to say that this crossbow should be your obvious choice if you are game for big time hunting. However, one of the major drawbacks of the crossbow is that it lacks a dampening system which produces noise when the arrow is shot from the bow.

Barnett Ghost 410 is one of the top performing crossbows in the market. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, extremely powerful, and well-structured. It generates an impressive kinetic speed of up to 150 lbs and velocity of up to 410 FPS. So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, shooting with this crossbow should be a fun and thrilling experience.


  • The fastest crossbow in the market (410 FPS)
  • Lightweight, compact, and extremely powerful
  • High accuracy (even when the user hunts 60 yards away from the target)


  • Requires frequent string waxing to prevent serving separation
  • Produces noise because of the absence of the dampening system

4. Barnett Ghost 360 CRT Review – Fastest and Affordable

If you are looking for a well-designed crossbow that gives smooth performance, look no further than Barnett Ghost 360 marketed by one of the world’s most renowned brands.

The crossbow is lightweight, sturdy-built, and is very accurate on the target. Its compact size makes it a pretty good choice when hunting in cramped areas. It is priced slightly higher than some of the other range of crossbows, but its high-pricing is well justified by its impressive array of features.

It weighs just seven pounds, and is well-balanced and easy to use for beginners as well as medium level hunters.

It helps users to shoot with 20 or 22-inch arrows at a very good velocity of 360 FPS. That’s pretty good for small to medium level hunting.

One of the major problems with Ghost 360 is that it lacks the most important cocking mechanism, which results in a draw weight of 160 pounds and this could be discouraging for some users. However, if you have a teen in your house that is ready to learn hunting, this crossbow could still be a good choice.


  • Adjustable scope for greater accuracy
  • Barnett’s 5 in 1 Safety Firing System
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to carry
  • Fast and powerful
  • Ideal for winter hunting


  • Cocking mechanism not included

5. Barnett Buck Commander Extreme Review – Fast and Lightweight

Made using aluminum and carbon, it weighs just 7.1 pounds, and therefore is one of the lightest compound crossbows you can find in the market today. It’s compact when cocked and you’ll find it easy to hunt whether using either your hands or a tree stand.

It has a shooting speed of 365 FPS and it generates a kinetic energy of 118ft./lbs, which is not bad when compared to most other crossbows available in the market. It has an extremely light but strong CarbonLite riser that features an impressive 5-to-1 safety factor which helps maintain the right balance between speed and weight.

With the advanced illuminated 3×32 scope, Barnett Buck Commander Extreme has a great accuracy. It is very comfortable to carry and easy to use, so you’ll be at ease while hunting down your prey.

However, this is yet another Barnett crossbow that lacks the dampener, so the noise could be a problem if you are hunting in a very quiet area.


  • Comes with arrows and rope-cocking device
  • Great performance and more features
  • It is the best crossbow for its price range and functionality
  • Ergonomic design and Ultra-aggressive look


  • Sling is not included in the package
  • Difficult to assemble at first
  • Generates noise

6. Excalibur Matrix Grizzly SMF Review – One of the most economical crossbows from Excalibur

If you were impressed with Excalibur’s new Matrix series crossbows for hunting but frightened by their pricing, check out Excalibur Matrix Grizzly SMF.

Grizzly is a superb recurve crossbow for beginners and intermediates. It is well-balanced, easy to assemble, and simple to use.

Weighing only 5.5 pounds, it is one of the lightest crossbows you can ever find in the market. That makes it an ideal choice for even female and teen hunters. The crossbow sports a sturdy composite frame, which makes it strong and durable. The 30-inch limb provides a comfortable space for the arrows and the shots coming out of this crossbow are guaranteed to be super sharp and accurate. It has a drawing weight of 200 lbs which is not a big difference from other crossbows in the market.

Best features of Excalibur Matrix Grizzly SMF:

  • check
    The package comprises four arrows, so you can start practicing before heading out to hunt down your real prey.
  • check
    The crossbow offers a velocity of up to 304 FPS, which is not bad for beginners and intermediates.
  • check
    It has a power stroke of 11.5” and covers an overall length of 33.25”.
  • check
    It is lightweight, easy to use, and has an impressive efficiency of 74.6%.

However, on the downside, this crossbow lacks any anti-fire mechanism, and hence it not an ideal choice for beginners. But anyone who has practice can consider investing in one.


  • Easy to assemble out of the box
  • Value for money
  • Adjustable scope for better accuracy
  • Comprises four bolts and an attachable quiver.
  • Lightweight and well-balanced design


  • The rails are not made from aluminum. However, the composite material ensures lightweight design and neat balance when shooting.

7. Arrow Precision Inferno Fury – Lightest Budget-friendly Crossbow

Inferno fury is one of the most inexpensive crossbows available in the market.

Okay, does that mean there will be any compromise in quality? Let's find out.First off, if you are a beginner looking to get started with a low-priced crossbow, then look no further than inferno Fury because it's lightweight and easy to carry too. The package consists of all the necessary tools using which you can assemble the parts and start hunting right away.

It's not exactly the kind of crossbow that is designed for top level hunting though. It has a draw weight of 175 pounds and a maximum speed of 235 FPS, which is neither too bad nor too impressive for hunting purposes. However, you can still take down a deer or any similar sized animal from a distance of 20-30 yards.

For a very low pricing, the crossbow guarantees good quality and durability. It also features a super army design which will make you feel like the traditional hunter from "A Man Made of Elk".

Whether you are a hunter or an archer, Inferno Fury would be a good choice to enjoy low-cost hunting with a quality crossbow and arrows.


  • Weighing just 4.8 lbs, it is the lightest crossbow in our list
  • A bang for your buck (especially if you are a beginner)
  • Durable, good quality, and easy to use
  • One year warranty


  • Low quality arrows (but you can get good arrows in the market)
  • Less power, slow (it’s ideal just for small and medium level hunting)

8. Barnett Jackal Package Review – ideal for low budget hunters

Here comes yet another impressive compound crossbow from Barnett – and this one is exclusively designed for starters. The package comprises a red dot sight, a quiver, and a few bolts. Even if you are a beginner, putting the parts together shouldn’t be a major challenge for you. In fact, you can assemble the crossbow in less than 15 minutes only.

Probably, broadheads is one of the important things that are not included in the package. Once you get it, you can start hunting straight away.

Some Key Benefits of Barnett Jackal Crossbow

  • check
    It has a draw weight of up to 150 pounds and a maximum velocity of 315 FPS.
  • check
    Includes a Rope cocking device, three 20” Headhunter arrows, and a user's manual.
  • check
    Quad limbs add to the stability factor without you having to put any extra weight.
  • check
    The energy wheels and cable system guarantee quick, powerful shots so you can hit your prey with more confidence.

One of the most frustrating things, however, is the loud noise generated when the arrow is released. The only way to counter the noise problem is to install a dampening system separately.

Personally, I feel this is a great best crossbow for starters, and is a safe bet for anyone who is looking to get started with crossbow hunting. The stylish design, well-built structure, and the reputable brand name of “Barnett” which can shoot at 315 FPS give you a good reason to consider buying this one. What more are you looking for in a crossbow?


  • More features for a low pricing
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediates
  • Durable, well built, great quality


  • Lack of rope cocking mechanism
  • Noise is generated when an arrow is fired (due to the lack of dampening system)

9. Barnett Penetrator Review – Great power at a high price

Here is another crossbow from Barnett that is very popular among hunters. Penetrator is an easy-to-use crossbow that comes with a range of tools that are easy to assemble, so you can start hunting in minutes.

With this crossbow, expect to shoot at up to 350 FPS. This means, the arrows can actually pierce through your prey's body and kill it more effectively.

This crossbow is ideal for small to medium level hunting.

The string, however, is one major disappointing factor about the Penetrator. It gets snapped after a few shots and needs to be replaced. What is even more disappointing is that Barnett doesn't offer a warranty on its string. So, the string replacement could be an additional expense for you.

Here are some positives and benefits of the Barnett Penetrator:

  • check
    A 5-year warranty helps provide adequate coverage to the stock and limb assembly.
  • check
    The package is comprised of three aluminum arrows and a scope. Nevertheless, purchasing Carbon arrows could be a wiser option just in case you wish to up your hunting game.
  • check
    The crossbow propels arrows at 350 FPS, and has a draw weight of 175 pounds which is good enough to kill light to medium weight prey in one shot.
  • check
    Hand crank mechanism

Barnett penetrator is quite affordable and lasts for years without frequent repairs and replacements, if you handle it well. To get started, try hunting a deer before going for elks. I included this bow in our crossbow reviews because I felt it deserved a place.


  • Includes a rope cocking device
  • Built-in hand crank mechanism (an extra crank requires installation though)
  • Exceptionally accurate


  • The string that comes with the package wears out pretty fast and needs replacement
  • At 8.6 lbs, the crossbow is a bit heavy when compared to others in our list

10. Barnett Wildcat C5 – Value for money

Last but not the least, Wildcat C5… it’s one of the top rated crossbows of Barnett. It’s ideal for small and medium level hunting but has a range of special features than something like Inferno Fury.

Build Quality and Design

The design of the crossbow is quite good. Thanks to the quad limbs on energetic wheels, users can have a pretty powerful draw before hitting the target. The draw weight of 150 lbs makes the crossbow an ideal choice for starters, teenagers, and women. The string and cable help ensure that you draw the arrow with ease. The crossbow weighs 8.5 lbs, which is a bit heavy when compared to most other crossbows in our list.

The crossbow is pretty comfortable to grip and offers high performance per every shot thrown. There is a thumb hole to make gripping a lot easier.

Highlights of Barnett Wildcat C5

Take a look at some interesting features of Barnett Wildcat C5:

  • check
    Includes three 20-inch arrows and quiver
  • check
    The 4×32 adjustable scope provides greater accuracy
  • check
    The low draw weight of 150 lbs supported by the cable system makes it easy to pull the string
  • check
    Capable of generating a kinetic energy of 91 FP which makes it easy to hunt down moving as well as stationary targets
  • check
    The velocity of up to 320 FPS makes it possible to kill a prey in one shot
  • check
    Five year warranty offered by Barnett

Again, there is no dampening system, so hunting can be noisy at quiet places.

There are many crossbows from Barnett but not all of them live up to the brand’s reputation – and Wildcat C5 is one of those models that meets the expectations of Barnett lovers. It’s lightweight, fast, powerful, and accurate – so beginners and intermediates are sure to have a great hunting experience. The extra option to attach a cocking device only adds to the user’s convenience.


  • Impressive design
  • Durable
  • Well-suited for beginners and intermediates
  • Package includes solid arrows
  • Comes with a five year warranty


  • No rope cocking device
  • Sight isn’t very good

Shooting with Excalibur Matrix 405

Why is Excalibur Matrix 405 the top rated crossbow in our list?

The scope is pretty good, and the red dots help ensure that users spot and hit the target more efficiently. Once the arrow is released, the speed and power is what determines the result of the shot. On that note, Excalibur Matrix 405 is a pretty good choice – it’s powerful and shoots arrows at 405 FPS, which is best suited even for top level hunting.

Thanks to the noise suppressors, users can enjoy shooting on a low noise and the draw weight of the crossbow which is around 290 lbs only adds more power to every shot released from the crossbow. A bow of such impressive features, is however, more ideal for professionals than beginners.

My Personal Choice – Why I like Barnett Ghost 410

As its name suggests, Barnett Ghost 410 has an impressive shooting speed of 410 FPS, and is ideal for both starters and professionals.

But on the flip side, there are no noise suppressors, and that could make it unsuitable to hunt in quiet places. However, if you are looking to hunt with better speed and power, then this crossbow could be a great choice.

Crossbow Buying Guide

With so many options available, it’s easy to get confused. But as the general rule of the thumb, before investing in any crossbow, make sure that it suits your needs and budget.

Here are the most important factors that you may want to consider:

  • check
    The bow’s draw weight
  • check
    The velocity of the arrow
  • check
    The scope
  • check
    And finally, the price

So if all of the above factors are satisfied, then you are good to go with your new crossbow. Also, please keep in mind that the accessories included in the packages such as padded slinger and rope cocking device are more important than the add-ons that you get separately.

The draw weight

The draw weight refers to the power required (or the effort it takes for you) to pull the arrow before shooting. Choosing crossbows with bigger draw weight allows you to hit your target with more speed and power. The draw weight of various crossbows ranges from 75 to 200 pounds.

The velocity

This refers to the minimum speed at which the arrow travels once it’s released. 300 FPS is the ideal minimum speed for hunting. Usually, crossbows that are lightweight and have a bigger draw weight have a high velocity, which is essential for big game hunting – this is important if you are looking to kill your prey in just one shot. In other words, the more the velocity of your arrow is, the more will be its power and thus the stronger it hits the target.

The scope

The higher your scope, the longer your arrow can travel. So yeah, that makes having a good scope an important factor for choosing a crossbow. The scope along with the above two factors determine whether you can kill your prey in one shot or not. So make sure to consider all three factors before investing in a crossbow.

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Other interesting facts that you might be interested to know:

  • check
    It’s important to know that every time you load the bow, wax has to be applied on the string. This is to ensure that the cord lasts longer.
  • check
    Never pull the string before loading the bow as that could cause harm to your equipment.
  • check
    Lightweight crossbows and arrows are the best for hunting because they can be carried around easily, and they are also easy to shoot.

It is important for beginners to learn the right way to fix the scope before shooting. So, refer the user manual that comes with the kit to learn important things like how to assemble the crossbow and how to hunt the right way in addition to other useful information to make your hunting a fun-filled experience.

I assume that most of you reading this content would be first-time users, so in that case, reading the manual could be the first thing to be done before starting to shoot an arrow with your crossbow. The durability is one of the most important factors that needs attention, and it purely depends on how you handle the equipment. The better you handle and use your crossbow, the longer it will last, and the more you can hunt.

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